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Connect with your Crew in a single store, or across an entire chain. Competitions, leaderboards, and higher check averages with just a few clicks.

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Your restaurant Crew interact with Guests tableside each and every day. Countless opportunities to recommend a new item or suggest another round come and go. When leveraged correctly, these opportunities lead to higher average checks and ultimately more money to the bottom line.

The key is to connect with the Crew in a meaningful way that resonates with them - that’s where we come in. Springzy automatically translates check data into engaging and fun competitions that result in an actively engaged restaurant Crew.

Our platform is a one-stop-shop to directly engage your Crew with competitions, brand messaging, education, and quizzes.

With Springzy your General Managers, Regional Managers, Ops, Marketing and HR Teams all have the ability to create engaging competitions, send out brand and training communications and review in depth performance for each location in real time.

We can also work with your food and beverage partners to plan and execute turn-key programs that require no effort from your team.

Setup a Contest

Creating a new contest is easy and can be done in less than a minute! Select what menu item/s to score and what restaurants you wnat to include.

Direct Crew Communication

Contests don't work without communication. Springzy automatically connects with your crew, on their terms, either via text, email or our native apps.

Real Time Results

Springzy connects directly to your POS system to track results in real time. You and your Crew can see exactly how they're doing at any time using your phone, a computer or turn any tablet into a real time scoreboard for your back of house.


Oh, and we can automatically fulfill digital gift cards to over 250 different retailers.

Our Results

Check Average Competition Case Study

Your overall sales come down to two things: total transactions and the average amount of each transaction. Getting extra butts through the door is hard, but getting each guest to spend a fraction more is easy - if you use your Crew!

Using the ‘Check Average Competition’ in Springzy we selected 1 test restaurant and 6 ‘control’ restaurants (from the same region and concept). Using historical data from the test and control restaurants we were able to zero in on the impact the competition had on average check for the week of the competition.

The results? Staggering. The test restaurant netted a check average INCREASE of $0.82 (+2.7%) that resulted in an ADDITIONAL $2,282.88 in top line revenue for THAT WEEK!

+ $2,282.88


7 Days

1 Competition

+ 2.7%

Our Results

Beer Promotion Case Study

Selling more beer has an immediate impact on check average (we typically see 50% higher averages). Not only does it boost your sales but it can win favor with your favorite beer vendors and help clear out product that is about to go out of season.

Springzy worked with a major domestic light beer brand to raise sales during their peak (featured) season. During this month, Springzy was used to send brand facts and training information to the Crew in nearly 100 restaurants. We followed up with quizzes and a multi-layered competition program.

Sales of the targeted promotion beer increased 25.93% over prior year! On top of that, beer sales in general continued to outperform prior year - so customers weren’t just switching brands, they were buying MORE beer.

Checks WITH beer are +50% higher vs. checks without

+ 25.93% year/year increase of featured beer

About us

We believe that working in a restaurant can be a better experience. Springzy was designed with the goal of making work more fun, while improving communication between the brand level and the front line crew. The front line is where brand experiences are made (and broken) and, until now, there hasn't been an easy way to communicate and align with those people.

Springzy brings a whole new level of reward, recognition and communication to what would otherwise be a mundane and interchangeable job. Make your chain stand out in the minds of your employees and become a brand people want to work for.

Our Founders

picture of Charlie

Charlie Francus

Co-Founder and Chief Gaming Officer

Charlie began his career in the restaurant industry when he was 16 and never left. He's seen first hand the impact that comeptition can have on Crew member behavior. His background includes drive thru attendant, server, manager, food service concept owner, and Director of Marketing for a national restaurant brand. In 2012 he founded Springzy to help restaurant brands leverage competition and game psychology to increase sales in restaurants across the country.

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